Volunteers are the Treasure of the Santa Barbara Community

Please consider giving your time now and what you get back is priceless.

There are many issues and programs in our community that you could be passionate about or just have fun with, consider giving some volunteer time to them. To some people, giving money is no challenge or even very rewarding. We are looking for those that find the excitement and pleasure in giving time to organizations, that can only survive with volunteer help.

We especially love families who volunteer together. Working as a team provides a mutual goal for everyone of all ages and all gender in the family. This one day experience will provide many years of conversations and memory.

In addition to families, teams and service groups working together provides a valuable resource to non-profits. These groups are use to team work and are most successful in working together for any organization. In most cases, volunteer work requires no training, just an extra hand for an event for a day.

So please consider giving a gift of time and have a no stress rewarding fun day. Who would not want such a day?